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Past Event Miguel Gutierrez: SADONNA

The sepia photograph features artist Miguel Gutierrez. They are leaning back, propped up by their elbows, with their head tilted towards the camera. Miguel is wearing a white lace, corset top and long tulle skirt. A bouquet of flowers lies on their lap.

SADONNA is exactly what it sounds like: sad versions of Madonna songs. In this music project, choreographer Miguel Gutierrez shows just how tiny the spiritual distance is between the international pop superstar, who grew up in Bay City, Michigan and himself, an international experimental itinerant artist who grew up in Colonia, New Jersey. Backed by the SLUTINOS, the Sad Latino Boys Backup Singers, SADONNA ekes out the melancholy cry for help hidden within Madonna’s uplifting lyrics.

Please note this performance contains adult subject matter and strong language.

Co-presented with Carnegie Mellon University School of Art and School of Drama.