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Past Event Sound Series: Turning Jewels into Water with special guest Soy Sos

A woman with a shaved head and a man in a hat and glasses stand next to each other in front of exposed brick. They are both in black. She is looking at him and laughing while he is looking down and smiling.

Photo by Ed Marshall Photography

We welcome Haitian electronic music composer/percussionist/turntablist Val Jeanty, and percussionist/composer, Ravish Momin with their new project Turning Jewels into Water, on a tour supporting their debut full-length recording, A Map of Absences, on FPE Records. Their collaboration, rooted in improvisation shaped by ritual, evokes the esoteric realms of the creative subconscious. Drawing from the voodoo religion, Val recreates the ancient rhythm and pulse of Haiti through digital beats, while Momin, whose own musical background is rooted Indian, North African, and Middle-eastern traditions, has developed an original blend of electro-acoustic beats, drawing together the improvisational traditions in Jazz and Indian music. Together they explore the capabilities of new technologies to create a seamless blend of multiple electronic and acoustic instruments. Herman “Soy Sos” Pearl, sym collaborator Sadie Powers (bass), and Kelsey Robinson (vocals) will open up the night with atmospherics in a beat-driven sound exploration.

Co-presented with PearlArts Studios.

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Turning Jewels Into Water (Album Release on FPE Records March 15, 2019)

Turning Jewels Into Water - Which Way Is Home? EP trailer

Turning Jewels Into Water Live at Tarcento Jazz Festival - Italy 5-5-2018