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Upcoming Event Sound Series: Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn

Dawn Richard stands behind Spencer Zahn. They are both looking towards the camera.

Photo by Clifford Usher

We welcome the New Orleans electro-revival musician and vocalist Dawn Richard and multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Spencer Zahn. Their debut collaborative album, Pigments (Merge Records) tells the story of finding one’s self through dance, self-expression, and community. Not strictly neoclassical, jazz, or ambient electronic, the project is one long composition that flows through several “movements” guided by five lead instruments: clarinet, saxophone, guitar, strings, and Richard’s stripped-down vocals. Marking Richard’s first step into the contemporary classical world, Pigments reveals a new facet of her limitless talents and provides a fresh introduction to Zahn, whose intimate, sprawling soundscapes play with principles of open space and motion.

  • Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
  • This performance is primarily standing room only. Limited seating is available upon advance request. We are committed to offering inclusive, engaging experiences for people of all abilities. To request accommodations to enhance your visit, please contact or call 412.237.8354.


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Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn - Crimson (Official Video)