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Past Event Stephen Petronio Company: Merce Cunningham’s RainForest and Petronio’s Locomotor/Non Locomotor


Stephen Petronio has built an astonishing canon of work where music, visual art, and fashion collide to heighten bold and engaging modern dance landscapes. Now Petronio revives Merce Cunningham’s iconic RainForest. A must-see for the Pittsburgh dance and art community, Andy Warhol created his sparkling Silver Clouds especially for RainForest. The floating décor is uncontrollable, producing a score of movement that cannot play by conventional rules and an atmosphere of free-wheeling anarchy. Locomotor casts Petronio’s virtuosic dancers careening forward and backward through time and space. Non Locomotor, a companion work, explores movement deep within a torquing center, sending surges of action throughout the body while stationary in space.

The performance is co-presented with the Pittsburgh Dance Council, a division of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Tickets $19–55; visit or call 412-456-6666.


Andy Warhol’s Tomato

Friday, September 13, 2024