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Recurring Event The Art of Play


"Sportsmanship Is..." by ACLD School StudentsBanner image photographs © 2010 Anne Fitzgerald

The Andy Warhol Museum’s The Art of Play is an exhibition of youth artwork on the importance of play, sports and physical fitness. Youth explored themes such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and the role of the sports celebrity in contemporary culture. The first part of The Art of Play is a juried exhibition of youth digital artwork. Youth from around the region participated. In addition, local animators, The Schmutz Company worked with after-school programs to create stop motion animations. The second part of the exhibition is a suite of prints created by students from Pittsburgh’s High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, which uses Sarah Heinz House athletic teams as their muse. The Warhol’s Eric Shiner, Milton Fine Curator of Art juried the exhibition.

The exhibition, presented in conjunction with the 2011 NHL Bridgestone Winter Classic and sponsored by the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, will be on view at 907 Penn Avenue on December 31, 2010 as part of First Night activities in Pittsburgh’s cultural district.

The Warhol would like to thank the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the Sarah Heinz House.

View entries from students around the region below!

Schmutz Brothers Videos
Schmutz Boys and Girls Club Series
Boys and Girls Club, Days 1-4 Series
Kiln-n-Time Series
“Kiln -n- Time” Series
Schmutz at JCC
JCC Series
Elementary School Entries
“Triumph of a Hero”
by Zack, Dennis, Mason, Briana,Peyton, and Burke
New Brighton Elementary School
“Sportsmanship is…”
Group Project
ACLD Tillotson
Changing the World
“Changing the World”
by Sophia Yacoviello
Ross Elementary
Exercise Wont Hurt
“Exercise Won’t Hurt”
by Nadia Huebner
Ross Elementary
Try Your Best
“Try Your Best”
by Cooper Mehall
Ross Elementary
What it Means to Have Teamwork
“What it Means to Have Teamwork”
by Jesse Crownover
Ross Elementary
My Pittsburgh Role Models
“My Pittsburgh Role Models”
by David Lukac
Ross Elementary
Inspiring Workouts
“Inspiring Workouts”
by Megan Wurster
Ross Elementary
Teamwork Counts
“Teamwork Counts”
by Ana Gongloff
Ross Elementary
Middle School Entries
“Dedication, Determination and Practice in Art and Athletics”
by Kathleen Slowik
North Allegheny Middle School
by Varun Kota
North Allegheny Middle School
Snowboarder in the Air
“Snowboarder in Air”
by Brooke Himmelstein
North Allegheny Middle School
Ice Skating
“Ice Skating”
by Molly Zunski
North Allegheny Middle School
Pens Vs Caps
“Pens vs. Caps”
by Wyatt Hubler
North Allegheny Middle School
by Nick Hubal
North Allegheny Middle School
High School Entries
Golden Opportunity
“Golden Opportunity”
by Luke Schmidt
Homer Center High School
Workers Forgotten
“Workers Forgotten”
by Nick Ursiak
Homer Center High School
If Warhol Played for the Pens
“If Andy Warhol Played for the Pens”
by Destiny Johnson
Homer Center High School
Mike Tomlin
“Mike Tomlin”
by Walter Haim
West Allegheny High School
“Take it Outside”
by Alex Pearson
North Allegheny High School
by Tommy Richten
North Allegheny High School
“Right to Play”
by Maki Mismas
North Allegheny High School
“Special Olympics”
by Felicia Fantaske
North Allegheny High School
“Marc-Andre Fleury Tribue”
by Destiney Weber
North Allegheny High School
“Old Arena and New Arena”
by Rachel Clark
North Allegheny High School
“Cheerleading is a Sport”
by Haleigh Mangieri and Kelly Babin
North Allegheny High School
“NA Football”
by Anthony Peluso
North Allegheny High School
Basketball Hands
“Basketball Hands”
by Michael Janosco
North Allegheny High School
“Couch Potato”
by Zach Karp, Jake Lennon and Drew Miller
North Allegheny High School
Classic Hockey
“Classic Hockey”
by Brandon Abbott
North Allegheny High School
Supreme Commissioner
“Supreme Commissioner”
by Walter Haim
West Allegheny High School
by Chris Wright
North Allegheny High School
by Rob Hickey
North Allegheny High School
Speed It Up
“Speed it Up!”
by Hannah Schumacher
North Allegheny High School
“Mike Alessi #800”
by Leanna Noel
North Allegheny High School


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