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Past Event TQ Live!

TQ Live! logo on top of 12 photographs of various people. There is a color filter over all of the photos.

TQ Live! presents a queer evening of dazzling performance, dance, poetry, comedy, resplendent fantasies, music, and more. This third annual performance series features artists and performers from the many LGBTQIA communities in the Pittsburgh region. Hosted by Joseph Hall, the line-up of performers includes Jenny Johnson, #kNOwSHADE, Gray Swartzel and Veronica Vega, Moriah Ella Mason, Norman Freeman, Jennifer Meredian and Gia Calcalano, Blak Rapp M.A.D.U.S.A., and videos by Chris Vargas, Peter Clough, and Jeepneys. This program is produced by Scott Andrew, Joseph Hall, and Suzie Silver.  This project is supported in part by the Carnegie Mellon University School of Art.

Please note this performance contains adult subject matter and strong language.