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Past Event Tuesday Gallery Talks with Time Capsules Project Cataloguers


Time Capsules Project cataloguers Erin Byrne, Elaina Vitale, and Marie Elia.

Each Tuesday at 11am we invite interested visitors to join in a gallery talk led by one of The Warhol Museum’s Time Capsules Project cataloguers.  The Time Capsules Project cataloguers are a team of librarians working to sort, number and catalogue each item within Andy Warhol’s 612 Time Capsules.  Each Time Capsule contains hundreds—sometimes thousands—of items related to Warhol’s business and personal activities, spanning a time period of three decades.   Each talk will involve a brief history of the Time Capsules and the steps the cataloguers take to preserve and organize the contents within. The 30 minute talk will provide time for questions about the Time Capsules.

Additional Information

All gallery talks will begin in the fifth floor galleries. Look for the 'Gallery Talks Begin Here' sign.