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Recurring Event “Visioning the Future” Teen Writing Workshop

Two separate portrait photographs of different people stand side by side, each taking up half of the image. On the left side, a Black Mexican American woman wears a patterned powder blue button-down shirt. Her dark hair is waist length, and she stands in front of a background of lush green plants as she faces the camera head-on. On the right side of the image, an AfroZapotec person stands at three quarters view in front of a white wall. They are wearing an off-white collared shirt underneath a heavier sweater of deep, rich reds, blues, and yellows.

Ariana Brown, photograph by Adam Hamze; Alan Palaez Lopez, photograph by Sabrina Sellers and Mel Octaviano

Join The Warhol and guest artists Ariana Brown and Alan Palaez Lopez in this virtual creative writing workshop where teens get the chance to write the worlds that they want to live in. Workshop participants will work together as a community to find answers to questions like: What was life before the apocalypse? What do we deserve as a people in order to propel into safe and healing futures? And, what is easy in the future that was terrifying in 2020?

Ariana Brown is a queer Black Mexican American poet from San Antonio, Texas. She is the author of Sana Sana, a poetry chapbook with Game Over Books, and a 2014 national collegiate poetry slam champion. Ariana’s work investigates queer Black personhood in Mexican American spaces, queer Black futures, loneliness, and healing. She has been writing, performing, and teaching poetry for ten years. Find her poems and rants on Instagram and Twitter @ArianaThePoet.

Alan Pelaez Lopez is an AfroZapotec artist from Oaxaca, México. They are the author of Intergalactic Travels: poems from a fugitive alien (The Operating System, 2020) and to love and mourn in the age of displacement (Nomadic Press, 2020). Much of their writing honors the messiness of grief, love, social movements, and reconciliation. They live in Oakland, California and have been organizing with undocumented LGBTQIA+ migrants for ten years. More on Instagram and Twitter @MigrantScribble.

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