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Current Exhibition The Warhol’s Collection


One of The Andy Warhol Museum’s galleries. The walls and ceiling are white, the floor is cement, and two large pillars are in the middle of the room. A male visitor examines a hand-painted Campbell’s soup can. A woman sits on a bench and looks at a picture featuring a Coca-Cola bottle. A woman and a child examine a painting of a sailboat.

Photo by Dean Kaufman

We devote five floors of the museum to showcasing an ever-changing selection of Warhol’s artwork and archival materials.

The Warhol holds the largest collection of Warhol art and archives in the world. The artist’s work from the 1940s through to his death in 1987 is featured on five floors of the museum, as well as is the subject of deep-dive collection exhibitions. The museum also has a permanent film and video gallery on the fourth floor for viewing individual Warhol films and videos.