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Time CapsulesTC86: Opening a Warhol Time Capsule with Benjamin Liu

A group of people , including Andy Warhol's former personal and studio assistant Benjamin Liu open a Warhol time capsule.

Each Time Capsule holds on average 250 individual items, comprised mainly of everyday objects, seemingly unremarkable in and of themselves: cloth napkins, hotel toiletries, old packaging, stationery, newspapers, etc.

However, it is exactly these types of items that often hold the greatest sentimental value to people. The memory an object prompts can be more meaningful to a person than the physical object itself. The items in Warhol’s Time Capsules are no different: without context they lose their significance.

As a cataloguer for The Andy Warhol Museum, memories like the one in this video from Warhol’s former personal and studio assistant Benjamin Liu are so invaluable. His wonderful details help to properly record the history of each item, and when the items are taken all together, they uncover a true portrait of Warhol.

Join us for the next Out of the Box: Time Capsule Opening on Friday, February 6, 2015.