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Recurring Event July 2013 Daily Warhol Film and Video Screenings

July 2013 Film Screenings

Brigid’s Weekend at Viva’s, August 17, 1971The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh; Contribution of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts,Inc.© The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA, a museum of Carnegie Institute. All rights reserved. 

Warhol’s film and video work is presented on a daily basis within the context of his other art both in the theater and in the galleries.

Week of July 2 – 7

• Factory Diary: Brigid’s Weekend at Viva’s August 17, 1971 45 min.
Camera by Michael Netter. With Brigid Berlin, Michael Netter (voice)

Week of July 9 – 14

• Brigit Bergen, Joe Dallesandro, Piano Turner & Sylvia, November 1971 59 min.

Week of July 16 – 21

• Polavision Footage (reels 1-23) (1978-79) 60 min.
Conceived by Andy Warhol, Camera by Andy Warhol, Vincent Fremont, and others

Week of July 23 – 28

• Polavision Footage (reels 24-46) (1978-79) 60 min.
Conceived by Andy Warhol. Camera by Andy Warhol, Vincent Fremont, and others