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Past Event Trans-Q Live!


A queer evening of dazzling performance, dance, stand-up history, stories, resplendent fantasies, music and so much more.

Hosted by Janet Granite, our extraordinary line-up of artists includes:
Scott Andrew/Stephanie Ross
Harrison Apple
Joseph Hall
Dani Lamorte
Caldwell Linker
Ayanah Moor/Ginger Brooks Takahashi
Silky Shoemaker
On video Christeene, Vaginal Davis and many other surprises!

Produced by Suzie Silver in collaboration with Trans-Q Television and The Andy Warhol Museum.

Trans-Q Television is a Dadaist Variety Show for the 21st Century that revels in the fluidity of genders and sexualities. A truly twisted mix of Sonny and Cher, Sesame Street, Andy Warhol’s TV, Ernie Kovacs, Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Wigstock, Trans-Q TV collaborates with a wide range of talent to produce programs comprising performance, interviews, animation, literary presentations, music, stand-up theory and all manner of feats and festivities.

Trans-Q Television is supported in part by the Center for the Arts in Society at Carnegie Mellon University.

View the first episode and find out more here.

Join us for an after-party as part of the monthly HONCHO dance party at Hot Mass (1139 Penn Ave. 2nd floor.). 21+. 12am to 5am

Additional Information

Please note this performance may contain adult content.